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OpenAI's internal whirlwind, Starship's adventure, Amazon's "AI Ready"

Big tech 🌟

The calm after the storm? (5 min)

Following the sudden upheaval on OpenAI's board, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has responded swiftly by recruiting Sam Altman and Greg Brockman for a pioneering AI research initiative.

Start the countdown (2 min)

Apple's Vision Pro stands out as one of the most anticipated releases of 2024. That's why the company is taking its time with the launch, shifting from January to a potential March date.

AI 🤖

We want Altman back (5 min)

Over 600 OpenAI employees are calling for a board transformation after Sam Altman's abrupt exit. The request: meet their demands or face a mass migration to Altman's new initiative with Microsoft.

All for education (2 min)

Amazon is advancing AI education with the launch of "AI Ready," which aims to train two million individuals globally in generative AI by 2025, promoting inclusivity with courses for all skill levels.

From responsible to generative (1 min)

Continuing with their efforts in the "year of efficiency," Meta has restructured its AI approach by disbanding the Responsible AI division and relocating its members to different departments.

What ever happened? (18 min)

If the fast-changing OpenAI whirlwind caught you off guard this weekend, you're not alone. Explore this live coverage providing insights and setting the timeline straight.

Rocket science 🚀

Onward and upward, SpaceX (3 min)

Starship's second flight ended with a bang, but it's the journey that counts. SpaceX's ability to learn and innovate is evident in the successful hot staging and upgraded engine performance.

Science ⚗️

Big news from Psyche! (3 min)

NASA is testing a new communication method for deep space missions by transmitting test data via laser from 10 million miles away, courtesy of the DSOC experiment riding on the Psyche mission.

Electric cars 🚗

Meet the Song L (3 min)

BYD continues to make waves in China's ever-growing EV market with their mid-size electric SUV, Song L. Set to compete with Tesla's Model Y, it has already broken preorder records ahead of its launch.

Putting on a show (2 min)

The Cybertruck is almost here! With just ten days until the official release, Tesla stirs up the excitement with a surprise appearance in US showrooms.

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