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Get ready for Starship!, GPT-5 is underway, DeepMind unveils Lyria

Rocket science 🚀

Time to shine (3 min)

We are all ready to see the most powerful rocket in the world in action. SpaceX has finally received regulatory approval from the FAA and is attempting to launch the Starship tomorrow.

The Kuiper constellation is coming (4 min)

Amazon's ambitious Project Kuiper is definitely on track. After proving successful in recent tests, the company has agreed for the satellites to go into production, aiming for a 2024 launch.

Science ⚗️

A health shield for astronauts (3 min)

Fighting viruses in a place as complex as space seems impossible, but Boeing is ready to take on the challenge with its antimicrobial surface coating, which is currently being tested on the ISS.

AI 🤖

GPT-5 is in the works (3 min)

At this point, OpenAI is synonymous with innovation. As CEO Sam Altman discusses the company's roadmap, there's a hint at GPT-5, demonstrating its commitment to breaking AI barriers.

In perfect sync (4 min)

Google DeepMind presents Lyria, a revolutionary music generation model that works in unison with YouTube, offering creators a suite of AI-powered tools to compose one-of-a-kind soundtracks.

A Muse for your game (2 min)

The widely-used game engine Unity has announced early access to its Muse AI platform, which provides a suite of tools designed to optimize the work of game developers.

Potential strategic moves (3 min)

Not too long ago, Microsoft introduced Bing Chat. In their effort to unify the AI experience across platforms and grow the Copilot family, they've now decided to rebrand it as "Microsoft Copilot."

Looking for gifts? (2 min)

This holiday season, Google is set to be your best ally. Their new Search Generative Experience introduces a feature that leverages AI to help you discover unique gift ideas.

Electric cars 🚗

From Prius to EVs (2 min)

Toyota's deal with Redwood Materials signifies a shift towards a closed-loop battery ecosystem in the US, recycling lithium, cobalt, and nickel from old Priuses into its future electric cars.

Fast and stylish (2 min)

We've just received powerful news from Hyundai. The Ioniq 5 N, their first N-branded EV, is coming to US retailers next March, offering a thrilling high-performance experience and sleek design.

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